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by rJayT2 at 11:41 AM
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Good morning ShadowXCraft!

So over the last week or so, you may have noticed some rank changes among staff members. These were necessary changes that reflect the direction we are trying to go in 2019 and we believe these new rolls will be the best fit for the individuals affected.

Jr. Staff jlnz, previously known as Joejoe50 and Itsjoebrah, is promoted to the rank of Developer joining Bahke and X1X. They will be key figures in the new ShadowXCraft later this year.

Jr. Staff Koolman is promoted to the rank of Builder. This better reflects his current role on the server and he is really good at building.

Helper ADTR_, previously known as MeromeTDM, is promoted to the rank of Moderator.

Join us in congradulating Joe, Kool and Merome on their promotions and new roles!

Lastly, among those changes, I am stepping down as an Administrator effective immediately. I am taking on a lesser role as Moderator. Because my job in real life takes away so much of my time I haven't had the time...
by lizardfreak321 at 11:33 AM
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Hello everyone! Happy New Year!

ShadowXCraft is still in development. We acknowledge that 2018's goals were not met. However, we are still working hard to get them done. Everything noted here is not guaranteed. These are our plans.

In 2019, ShadowXCraft will become a less PVP-centered server. We may release a PVP gamemode far into the future, but the Minecraft community has moved away from highly competitive PVP. In 2016 we moved towards a more structured, competitive PVP setup. Unfortunately, that is when PVP went out of style and some players moved to other games. Even servers like Badlion died due to this. We're still running!

Prison 2.0 is still advancing. It's still the most advanced gamemode we have ever worked on. That, along with the fact that there are currently two active team members, with two less active team members, result in it taking this long to complete. We want to get it done faster, but we cannot because that would result in a quality hit. Prison 2.0 will...
by KurtTheFruit at 11:28 AM
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"There is power in individuals, and now we're learning there is power in individuals coming together" - Kathy Calvin (President, UN Foundation)

Server Description
Experience an open-world RPG Towny Survival experience, wherein you have the option to choose your path. Four different major classes, each having their own perks and privileges. Spells, Custom Items, Magic, Technology, Realism, and more. A Central Government, controlled by the members of the community themselves. Play your own way on rising to the top! Be a Great Leader whose focus is on Diplomacy and Economy, a Politician who's influence is...
by KurtTheFruit at 4:49 AM
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Good Day to Everyone!
I have been working for days straight just to bring you this sub-server! Our plan is to combine the communities of both Factions & Survival, bringing you "Shadow Realms: A towny-based RPG". Details about the OPEN BETA TESTING period will be released on the coming days. We will have 2-3 days of BETA testing to see if there will be difficulties/bugs/exploits that you may find. A towny reset is likely after the BETA period.

The server will follow a Central Government System, wherein the community (you, the players) may propose and submit laws for everyone to follow. The staff team will still regulate the laws (for final approval) to make sure everyone has a fair, immersive experience while playing on the sub-server. Mayorship will not be for everyone, we will release the...
by lizardfreak321 at 11:04 AM
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Hello everyone,

As you can see, ShadowXCraft doesn’t have a large player-base at the moment, and we haven’t been getting a lot of server work done recently. We have two team members finishing high school, others preparing for tests that will affect their chances of getting into college, and others training for intensive real-life jobs. However, as we have said, 2018 will be the year we revive ShadowXCraft!

Now the biggest shocker for those who don’t know: the current plan is to redo everything else ShadowXCraft has. None of what we have is drawing any attention, and some of it, like the type of KitPVP we currently have, has fallen out of style.

- Our prison-like server that has been in progress since early 2015 is still getting better and better. We have most of it planned out and all of you are going to enjoy at least one aspect of it! I don’t know anything else like it in Minecraft. It’s so good that people even made comments on how if this fails, we could...