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by LizardFreak7 at 1:52 PM
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Heyo everyone,

As of last night, 4 staff have been demoted.
TheBestBacc-For inactivity in the staff chat as well as a lack of moderation on the server.
Laslu-For inactivity.
BlueJay18-For inactivity and far below the age requirement.
and Arrowhead-For inactivity.

Thank you for helping when you did, the server wouldn't be like this today without you helping.
I hope to see you on the server again. :)

*Note* Most staff are going back to school or already have, so expect them to not be as active.
by lizardfreak321 at 10:08 AM
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Hello everyone!

We recently promoted @Nikkisaurusxz to helper!
She passed all requirements for being staff, including time zone.
So far she is getting along with the staff pretty well.

Soon we will get 2 more staff from Europe, Africa, Asia, and/or Australia. After that we will get 1 staff from an american continent (North, South, or Central).

~The ShadowXCraft Team
by lizardfreak321 at 12:12 AM
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The new swear filter has been released to all servers!

This new swear filter is a bunch of new regex expressions. The regex expressions allow the swear filter to catch a phrase.

A LOT of work has been put into this new version of the swear filter. If you have been in creative, that is where I have been working on it. The work likely totals 40 hours total!! I did most of the work.

This new swear filter is MUCH smarter. It is now a lot harder to bypass. For example, if the word "hello" was blocked, it used to be as simple as doing "hel.lo", "h e l l o", "hellllo", "h_e_l_l_o, h3!!0, etc. to bypass it. Now all of that is blocked. I modified the expressions for almost all of the swears to make it so you can't bypass it like that.

The new swear filter also contains new words! Many staff took the time to find as many swears as they could, that haven't been blocked yet. The list totaled 80 words, it took a while to add them to the filter. The filter now contains 130 different...
by lizardfreak321 at 4:33 PM
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Hello everyone,

Today we have lost 2 3 staff, hello21 (DAGGERDEVIL98), _Itz_Steny_, and coolcat587.
  • -For coolcat587, she doesn't want the burden of being a staff holding her back from what she does best, KitPVP :)
  • -coolcat587 became staff about 1.5 months ago.
  • -For Steny, he quit because he feels unimportant. He also didn't get along with several staff. He was tired of the arguing.
  • -Steny became staff about march of 2014.
  • -For hello21, he quit because he doesn't get along with the staff. He feels they are abusing, but in fact he is just believing the lies of others. For example, one time Dan threw a bunch of harming potions around in HG.
  • hello21 became staff 1 year, 9 months ago. He is basically the first staff. He will be remembered for his KitPVP kits.
Some players thought it was JennyBeary throwing the potions. Yes, she may have flown around once, but she was only opped for a...
by tspringst33n at 12:03 AM
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As some of you may have seen in /server minigames, I have been developing a new ingame reporting system. The system will be implemented tonight and will work in ALL servers soon.

This system will allow players to report rule breakers and even report bugs to the staff.

I am working on a solution to the abuse of this command. If you see people abusing /report, please report them to the forums with screenshot proof.

/report  :: Shows help window
/report p :: Shows how to report a player
/report bug :: Shows how to report a bug
/report p <playername> <reason> :: Reports a player for the reason specified.
(The p before the playername is REQUIRED for the plugin to know if its a player)
/report bug <bug> :: Reports a bug 
If you have any issues with the plugin, please comment below.
Please remember that this is the first full scale test of the plugin.