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General Skyblock Suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by trifire, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. trifire

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    Active Member

    Oct 8, 2016
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    12:54 PM
    A few disclaimers/explanations before I jump in.

    1: These are my personal opinions on how Skyblock could be improved, focusing on the next major update/rework. I understand that my opinions can be very different than others.

    2: I do not particularly expect all/any of these to be implemented. Staff is very busy with prison, parkour, rl etc atm, and I get that. These are merely food for thought, you know, the more ideas floating around the better.

    3: These are rough ideas, they are not well defined/refined in any way shape or form.

    4: Sivreayyl is my alter ego. She is extremely annoying, and acts as a sceptic/critic for most of my ideas. While I mostly try to ignore her (and advise you to do the same) she did make a few good points which I have included.

    I wanted to write this because I have been playing an awful lot of skyblock recently, and I would really hate to see it go the way of prison and factions. So I've thought a bit about what went wrong with those two servers, why people don't play them as much any more, and what could keep that from happening in skyblock. That is the main focus of these suggestions.

    So what went wrong with prison and factions? The easy anser is: resets. Once it came out that the server was going to reset, even if it was far in the future, people got into the mindset, "why play? This is all gonna reset anyhow, what's the point in wasting my time on this subserver?"

    And while we all hate resets when they happen, we also know that it's an important part of the game, to keep us from getting too far ahead of the competition. That's why we play on a server instead of single player, because it makes us feel good to be better than someone else.

    But here's the thing. I'm a minecraft addict.

    Sivreayyl: "Yes, yes you are."

    *deep breath* and my island is more than twice as big as anyone elses. This has now been the case for several months, and so I can tell you that that "I'm better than everyone else" feeling doesn't stick around but for about the first week or 2. So what I spent my entire break literally playing minecraft 24/7. Yay. Does that mean that I should be ranked highest in skyblock sudo permanently? I think not. (No offense DjDan, but u don't stand a chance, I have a competitive streak a mile wide.)

    So here we go.

    - Rank system: based on how much your island level has risen over the last week. This will be measured from your island's previous highest level, including before any island resets.

    -Your tag will be based on your average island level increase ranking. In other words, if you improve the most every week, you will have the SkyLord tag. (or the tag could change, idk.) But if you improve the second most every week, you might have the SkyMaster tag. There would be 1 Skylord, 2 SkyMasters, 4 SkyExperts, 8 Sky adepts, 16 sky novices, and however many SkyPeasants below that. These tags would apply to all members of each island.

    Sivreayyl: "So if a new guy came in and works really hard for 1 week, he would get the 1 skylord tag available, and the previous skylord who had played for years and years would get knocked down a rank?"

    Yes, that's correct, it would be a competitive spot. And if that new guy continued to work hard, he could maintain that rank. However, his rank would decay if he was innactive, and the previous skylord would eventually regain his place.

    -The basic challenge system remains the same. This encourages diversification of farming, as oppose to "Oh, I made a wheat farm. And now I made a bigger wheat farm. And a bigger one. And now I'm super rich." The challenges nerf the wheat after a few trade ins, evening the playing field for newer members. You would still need a larger island to complete the more advanced challenges.

    -A special nonrepeatable advancement will be unlocked for the weekly most improved island, which can be completed for free, and has a special prize. This could be something good(enchanted equipment, diamonds, emeralds etc) or something rare/impossible to get in skyblock(spiderwebs, diamond/coal ore, many types of flowers, dragon egg, dragon head, shulker box, purpur, elytra, sea lanterns, endstone, end portal) This prize will be available for 3 months, so up to 12 of them can be claimed. After that, the prize will change to something else. This will give everyone a chance to get 1 if they work hard.

    Sivreayyl: "But what if one island group just got together and hogged all the prizes?"

    One island will be able to claim only 4 top island prizes per 3 month cycle. Also, if any member of an island that claimed a prize switched to another island, that island would be unable to claim a prize.

    -Another thing that could be really cool but I don't really know how to implement it is to grant access to the end. This might just be flat too op, but it seems like the new end with all the smaller islands fits perfectly into the skyblock concept.

    Welp, that's all I've got for now, I appreciate you reading this, and I would honestly really like to see some discussion. What have I got right? What wrong? What would you want the next skyblock update to look like?

    All the best,

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  2. rJayT2

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    Rule Breakers' Worst Nightmare
    Staff Member Moderator Shadow

    Sep 20, 2015
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    12:54 PM
    An interesting approach to ranking. Well thought out.

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