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Official Release - "Shadow Realms" (BETA)

Discussion in 'NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS' started by KurtTheFruit, Aug 5, 2018.

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    "There is power in individuals, and now we're learning there is power in individuals coming together" - Kathy Calvin (President, UN Foundation)

    Server Description
    Experience an open-world RPG Towny Survival experience, wherein you have the option to choose your path. Four different major classes, each having their own perks and privileges. Spells, Custom Items, Magic, Technology, Realism, and more. A Central Government, controlled by the members of the community themselves. Play your own way on rising to the top! Be a Great Leader whose focus is on Diplomacy and Economy, a Politician who's influence is power greater than all, or a Warmonger, whose main goal is to conquer and use the sword as authority.
    Good Day to All!

    The OFFICIAL BETA Dates for Shadow Realms: A Towny-Based RPG is on AUGUST 6-11, 2018 (TIME: 7:00 AM ET, 1:00PM CET, 7:00PM GMT+8).

    Lots of sudden issues during the Staff Closed ALPHA Testing caused a few delays on the release of the Towny Server. But now, it's OFFICIAL; The BETA Period will last for 5 Days, and during this period everyone will have access to the server.
    The purpose of this BETA Release is for us to check if there will be any exploits, bugs, glitches, or some other issues that will hurt the gameplay of the server. Please report ALL bugs here, this will help us a lot in improving your experience.


    Towns can be created by anyone, but it is costly and will require team-effort in order to maintain it. You can get your town VERIFIED by meeting certain conditions such as having 10 Residents, and being an ACTIVE MAYOR. More information about this can be found in the server /spawn. Verified Towns get more perks and advantages over non-verified ones. This will enable you and your residents to participate in Capital-Hosted events such as elections and laws. This will improve your experience and get you into the core community gameplay of the server. Gather your friends now and set up a town with others!
    If a major exploit/bug/glitch is found in the server during the BETA and it significantly destroys the experience for everyone, we will have to RESET the server for the benefit of everyone. So if you find any bugs, report them IMMEDIEATLY so we can prevent this from happening.

    Attached below is the general, summarized information of the features of this server (it's a lot).
    • Central Government System (Community makes it’s own laws)
    • Diplomacy, election system (Elect your server President!)
    • Impeachment system (File your inactive Mayor for impeachment!).
    • Class Rank-Progression System
    • 4 different classes, 10 ranks each: Tank, Assassin, Wizard, Explorer
    • Wizard; Support class, focuses on Spells that can be both single or AOE attacks.
    • Tank; Defense class, focuses on shielding and conquest claiming (in war situations)
    • Assassin; Offense class, focuses on Stealth and Burst damage.
    • Explorer; Utility/Economy class, focuses on mining, crafting, building, and ranged attacks.
    • Revival system; right-click to revive your comrades when they fall down.
    • Class-exclusive items, have your items be exclusive for your class’ use
    • Custom Items (Special Weapons and Armor, Spells, Wands, Spears, Whips, Runes, Amulets, Firearms, Gemstones, etc...)
    • Custom Abilities
    • ChestShop System
    • Crates & Crate Keys
    • Taxes
    • Dynamic, easy-to-understand tutorials
    • Jobs (Miner, Farmer, Cook, Builder, Hunter, Blacksmith)
    • Class-exclusive kits
    • Special Mob Drops (Unidentified item drops)
    • No World Market, entirely player-based economy.
    • War-Flagging System (Conquest-style of raiding)
    • Locks and Lockpicking (Put locks on your chest!)
    • Auction House (Global Auction System)
    • Towny GUI (User-friendly Town Interaction GUI)
    • Warps GUI (Buy warps for your town, user friendly interface)
    • Shadow Realms FORUMS
    • Mounted Pets (Claimable horses, llamas, mules, and donkeys)
    • NPCs in the world
    • Different realms (Resource Realm, Main Realm, more soon)

    This contains the GAME MECHANICS that will help you get around the server. Enjoy!

    • The server has 4 main classes (Tank, Assassin, Wizard, Explorer)
    • Each class have specific perks and item accesses. Some items found in the game are class-exclusive, meaning only those who are members of this class may use certain items.
    • Currently, the server has 5 ranks per class and will sooner have 10 ranks soon.

    • “The Capital” is Shadow Realms’ Central Government, this is composed of both staff members and community members (players)
    • Everyone is able to create a town, but certain requirements are needed to be met in order to be a “Verified” or “Capital-Accredited Town” to receive certain perks, and support from the central government.
    • Laws can be made to add an interesting touch to the entire server. Diplomacy is followed and player voting is part of lawmaking.
    • Towns are governed by Mayors, and a town can lead a Nation to be considered as King.
    • A verified town/nation will consider their leaders as The Capital’s Congress Members and Senators

    • A mayor may assign a player in their town to be a “Sheriff”, these players may jail outlaws in their town to be locked up in town-assigned prisons.
    • Citizens who do not follow the Laws made by The Capital may also be globally jailed in the Capital Prison. Jail bailing may be a feature soon.

    • Economy is item-based. Your balance will only update if you have GOLD (Bag of Gold) somewhere in your inventory. You have to carry them to perform any type of transaction, or deposit them to Banks for safekeeping.

    • Realms has a player-to-player trading system. Simply shift right-click a player to send a trade request, when accepted by both players, a trade GUI will pop out. Happy trading!
    • Auctions, a server-wide auction listing market exists. Click the “Auctioneer” NPC at spawn to use!
    • Chest Shops, players have the ability to create playershops interacting with chests as the stock and signs as buy/sell signs.

    • Certain custom items exist in the world, unidentified items may drop from mobs and be identified using Scrolls. These items may be powerful or useless, luck will decide.
    • A sneak peek (short info) about the relation of classes and custom items. Class specialties are:
    • Tank (Custom Shields and Armor)
    • Assassin (Custom Swords and Runes)
    • Wizard (Custom Wands and Spells)
    • Explorer (Custom Tools and Tech)

    • Dying is easy, but painful to progress. There are respawn times after death and monetary penalties.
    • Bounties may be placed on heads of certain people. Meet with the Mercenary at spawn to begin.
    • Fallen teammates can have a second chance on living by reviving them. Right-click your teammates multiple times to revive them.
    • In certain worlds, pvp can be toggle-able(/togglepvp), but in other worlds, pvp is forced and cannot be untoggled.

    • Mobs can range from levels 0-150. Mob levels increase the further you explore from spawn. The higher the level, the harder to defeat.
    • In certain worlds, mobs are more powerful, but in some, they are weaker.
    • Horses, Llamas, Mules, and Donkeys can be privately claimed (protected). They can also be traded, sold, and bought using certain commands. Meet with the Horseman at spawn to begin.

    • The world’s money supply mostly comes from Jobs. People have to join certain jobs and earn money for doing specific actions. (E.g. Miners earn money when mining, etc..)
    • Meet with the Employer at spawn to begin.
    Game Mechanics Summary 2:

    • Fond of exploring and discovering new things? There are hidden tunnels, monuments, ruins, and more placed all over the map. Rewards can be received on discovering them, while some may cause harm.
    • Collectibles, Treasures, or harm may be found in different regions.
    • Meet with the Collector in the Museum (/warp museum) to begin

    • Thirst is added into the game. You have to monitor your hydration levels in orde to stay alive.
    • Swimming is more realistic. Faster swimming will consume your Stamina. Consuming your stamina may lead to drowning. Be sure to always travel with a boat when sailing through the seas.

    • Verified (Capital Accredited) towns gain access to Town NPCs, these can protect their towns against enemies and such.
    • NPCs are found around the spawn, interact with them to learn more about things.

    • Nearly everything is bundled up in a user-friendly GUI. Just do /settings to open up a menu that has different buttons which bring you to different options you can choose to do.

    • The server has a planned site called towny.shadowxcraft.net
    • This contains a Dynamic Map (Live player location and map view) that acts like a “Google Maps” for Minecraft.
    • Certain things will be discussed here as well, elections, events, laws, and more.
    Keep yourself updated! Constantly check on this thread to receive frequent updates about the status of the BETA Release of Shadow Realms.

    A lot of hard work has gone to this server, we hope you enjoy it! Personally, I've been spending hours from start to finish. @lizardfreak321 for setting up the essential server needs and permissions (and bugfixing as well). @tspringst33n for the modification of Custom Plugins. @X1X_ @ADayToRemember_ @JackShadowPyrez and @FallenCatalyst for ALPHA testing. Thank you to everyone and again, enjoy your stay.

    Let us know what you think! Reply to this thread below, and feel free to ask questions.

    View the changelog at: https://www.shadowxcraft.net/threads/shadow-realms-beta-bugs-thread.4693/
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