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by Tsprings73 at 10:31 PM
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Hey everyone! I'm sure you have heard by now that Skyblock has been released! Skyblock is basically survival but you are on an island over the void. The objective is to survive the mobs and build the most amazing island you can. You can earn island levels by building more structures and adding more blocks to the island. Need something like redstone? Checkout the challenges at /challenges or /c. They contain different challenges to complete that will give you items.

Check out the server by doing /server skyblock.
Some commonly asked questions:
  • How do I get started?
    • All you have to do is /is and select an island type.
  • Is there a shop?
    • No. I did not add a shop to this server because it would take away from the survival aspect of the game.
    • The easiest way to get items is to checkout the challenges at /c or /challenges
  • What do I do if my lava turns to obsidian?
    • Click on the obsidian with a bucket...
by lizardfreak321 at 4:18 PM
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Introducing, the LIMITED TIME Winter Crate!

Image credit: KurtTheFruit
Status update
All servers have been updated to be compatible with 1.11 (Staff only in KitPVPRetro), with full 1.11 support in Creative, Survival, and the hub. Let us know if there are any issues with this update.

The rules have been updated recently, please re-read the rules so you don't get punished for one of the new rules: https://www.shadowxcraft.net/player-rules/
by KurtTheFruit at 2:11 AM
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Introducing, the PRO Enchantment Crate!

The New PRO Enchantment Crate contains some new enchants like Speed I, Leaps II, and FiringSquad I. They used to be unobtainable in factions, but now you can purchase a key for 45 Experience Levels for a chance to win these RARE books!

Since everyone is asking for the list of custom enchantments (and what they do), here they are!
Format: -Enchantment (Levels) = Information

Global Enchantments
-Aerial 1-5 = Increases damage while attacking mid-air.
-Blind 1-4 = Has a chance of blinding the opponent.
-Charge 1-5 = Increases damage on attack while sprinting.
-Cripple 1-5 = Has a chance of hitting crippling strikes.
-Bleed 1-4 = Has a chance of making the enemy bleed, reducing the opponent's health overtime.
-Deathbringer 1-4 = Doubles the attack damage (2x)...
by lizardfreak321 at 1:49 PM
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Factions 3.0 is FINALLY HERE! We have worked our socks off for 5 months to complete this update; we think it is the best version of Factions so far to be released on ShadowXCraft!

This version of Factions runs 1.8.8 with 1.7-1.10.2 compatibility for the best PVP experience. Keep that in mind when creating TNT cannons.

We spent about 12+ hours' work on the trailer (all credits go to @lizardfreak321 and @X1X_ for editing and recording footage; @xrift_, @ADayToRemember_ and @GalacticFreaky for assisting us with the recording; and @LizardFreak7 for narrating it). We hope it will give you a brief overview of Factions!

How does Factions version 3.0 differ from the previous versions of Factions?
  • Factions 1.0 wasn't even...
by lizardfreak321 at 10:42 PM
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Hello everyone,

For the past several weeks, those participating in the development have been working long hours to try to get this released. Unfortunately I have no choice but to delay the release.

For the most part it is just @X1X_ and I working on it. Others are helping, but for the most part everyone else is either busy with life or does not have interest in Factions. @KurtTheFruit started version 3.0, but his internet went out for several weeks, leaving him with little communication with us, and he has been busy with stuff in real life.

We are correctly working on the trailer, which will be nice and professional; we want to advertise to some new players so they can join you in the fun :) We aren't rushing this trailer.

Every step of the way we have found ways we can improve things, and each of them takes time. I have found ways to improve ItemTracker, my custom anti-duplication plugin. We are finding small things we can change to make the...