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by lizardfreak321 at 12:43 AM
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EDIT: 1.9 IS RELEASED! -> Update info is below.

Hello everyone,

As many of you have heard, 1.9 is getting released February 25 29, 3 7 days from the date of this post.
We have been planning out how we would do this for a while.

So here's the plan:
  • Non-PVP oriented servers like Survival and Creative will get updated as soon as possible. 1.8-1.9 support will be added if possible.
  • Slightly-PVP oriented servers like Factions, Prison, and some minigames will get updated quickly, but not as soon as possible. 1.8-1.9 support may be added.
  • KitPVP will be completely redone for 1.9, so that will take time. (Don't worry, we have this fully planned out)
  • HG may be updated with hit delay set to what it is in 1.7. 1.8-1.9 support may be added.
  • UHC we will wait to update. When we do update it, it will be completely redone. The dev may need to add things to make it work properly with 1.9.
These numbers...
by lizardfreak321 at 6:45 PM
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Hello everyone,

Today we released two new arenas made in ShadowXCraft by people from ShadowXCraft!

Arena 1: The_Dark_Lands
Arena 2: The_Island
We are trying to make it so ShadowXCraft isn't using other server's maps!

Enjoy the maps!
by lizardfreak321 at 12:41 AM
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Prison 2 Status: Maps: 80% complete, Mines: Complete, Other Prison Stuff: Unknown%. Getting close to release.
Mineoply Status: RELEASED! (/server mineopoly)
"Please note there may be a bug or two. Just report them here please: Error Report

Hello everyone,

We hope you are enjoying the new year. All of us are busy and back in school/work.

I just finished setting up a new website feature! Now all sections of the forms that had templates (That most people were blind to) how have forms. These forms are user friendly and basically require a user to add the data we need. It also organizes it for easy viewing.

We may look like we are doing nothing to the server. We are actually spending a lot of time...
by lizardfreak321 at 1:30 PM
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Hello everyone,

This is a frequently asked question, and there are several reasons why this server is 1.8 only.

  1. 1.7 players have an advantage over 1.8 players. We believe everyone should have an equal chance in beating another player.
  2. We use a lot of 1.8 blocks, like barrier block. 1.8 blocks are so nice.
  3. The best way to make it compatible with 1.8 means 1.7 premium need to login as if they are cracked. That's just a pain to all staff because the login server only allows 1 account per cracked. We have alerted the dev but he hasn't responded.
  4. The alternative way to allow 1.7 requires redoing a lot of stuff because it literally means making the 1.8 servers 1.7. This way is less stable, is very buggy, including a LOT of duplication glitches. It also breaks every 1.8 feature.
And for all of you that hate 1.9: It is possible to make 1.9 very much like 1.7 in some ways- Like combos and stuff. We will likely have that for the OP PVP and stuff. We will do our...
by BlasterBlade at 11:49 AM
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There is a issue that happens on a lot of servers each one as there own one."The best pvper". Though it changes now and then there is also one or maybe a different choice of players for who is the best one

Players need to realize that there is not necessarily the best player. There lots of reasons for this. From the player could be having a bad day, or maybe he's pc is acting out of the ordinary. Lots of problems some players could be playing for a long time, others maybe recently have started. Everyone has a time where they find pvp the most fun and are at the best then later maybe find it a bit boring and lose interest causing them to becoming worse at the game. The biggest one being there will always be a better player and always be changing.

So next time don't call someone a "noob" or say "rekt" or "ez". Just after playing against them in one fight. Or...