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New Profile Posts

  1. CampingQuaddle
    back for my once a year hello
    1. lizardfreak321
      Hello. Are you on our Discord?
      May 15, 2024
  2. xNoobGamingx
    xNoobGamingx Sushied
    username: notsergei
  3. nickrules
  4. tommydragon619
    i am here to remind you all that you're all old :thumbs_up:
    1. Waterslxys
      You're the oldest
      Dec 28, 2023
    2. tommydragon619
      i'm reporting you
      Dec 28, 2023
    3. Waterslxys
      Dec 28, 2023
  5. GokuBlackRoseSSJ
    Good memories. I remember playing my first Minecraft on this server when we had the free Minecraft/cracked. How is everyone doing?
  6. xMineral_TM
    Slashy, we need to talk again.
  7. Ibr_The0n3
    Coming back every once in a while and seeing all of these old usernames gives me some nostalgia. It's sad that most of my old friends...
    1. Ibr_The0n3
      ... have abandoned their accounts and are no longer active on both the server and the forums. I wish I could talk to al33n, Purplesim, nick800, Kareem0473, khanmq, julz, Charmander, etc... one last time. Some of them don't even have accounts on here, so it's even harder to contact them. Those who do, well I guess it's nice to have their old posts as remnants of the past.
      Oct 7, 2023
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    2. Ibr_The0n3
      But one thing that is not nice is seeing my old posts... I'd be lying if I said that they weren't embarrassing. We'll, I had too much free time on my hands I guess. I don't know who might read this, but first of all I apologize if I spammed your profile lol. Second of all, if you knew me (my old ign was mrboldstorytoyer btw), start a conversation with me with your discord username, let's talk again.
      Oct 7, 2023
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    3. Ibr_The0n3
      I hope everyone is in a good place in life right now. It's crazy that a small, unknown server (no offense, liz) became such a huge part of my childhood. I'm grateful for that, to be honest.
      Oct 7, 2023
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  8. DestroyerBoy_
    I have a confession to make
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    3. Ibr_The0n3
      lol, we all lied about our age when we were young... When i was 8, i told everyone that i was EIGHTEEN!!! I added 10 whole years to my age... also yeah its crazy how time flies too, i still cant get over the fact that im an adult now, it felt like just yesterday when i spent hours playing minecraft on sxc. Simpler times. Anyways i hope youre doing good in life too man, its nice to see some activity in here
      Oct 6, 2023
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    4. rJayT2
      Never lied about my age, but I understand now why kids did!
      Nov 2, 2023
    5. Waterslxys
      yoo good luck with studying medicine, it's fun especially pathology (it's not)
      Nov 18, 2023
  9. _HotlinePing
    Don’t know who’lll see this but my bad for the stuff I’ve done. Reading the threads as a 21 year d
    1. DestroyerBoy_
      Remember when you joined my faction and for months I trusted you and showed you all our bases and etc.. Then you revealed it was you, Ali, all along. Haha good times
      Oct 3, 2023
  10. DestroyerBoy_
    DestroyerBoy_ _HotlinePing
    Lmao I randomly remembered you. It's funny how much I used to hate you over a block game. How you doing now, if you ever see this message...
    1. _HotlinePing
      Looool everyone in this server hated me. Imagine hating someone over a block game I’ll never understand it.
      Apr 17, 2023
  11. DestroyerBoy_
    Any updates on the server?
    1. Lightning
      doesn't seem like it
      Feb 3, 2023
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    2. DestroyerBoy_
      I won't stop coming back here. One day this server will make a comeback I know it
      Apr 2, 2023
    3. Mia
      hope never dies
      Aug 5, 2023
  12. CampingQuaddle
    hey guys
    1. Lightning
      Jan 8, 2023
    2. CampingQuaddle
      hi lightning
      May 10, 2024
  13. GokuBlackRoseSSJ
  14. tommydragon619
    Free likes
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  15. FirePie123
    what’s the move for tn
    Sad to see my childhood dead now :(
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    2. rJayT2
      But the memories though.
      Oct 21, 2022
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  17. theSteveSoup113
    RIP technoblade :(
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  18. Ultidesne
    Ultidesne LeekyGaming
    Ya like leeks?
    1. LeekyGaming
      Jun 15, 2022
    2. Ultidesne
      me too
      Jul 10, 2022
  19. ripmomo
    Miner, we need to talk.
    1. xMineral_TM
      Yes, we do. Bring Slashy over if you find him.
      Apr 25, 2022
  20. xMineral_TM
    Slashy, we need to talk.