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Where you can vote for the server for rewards! leonine



This is the list of sites where you can Vote for ShadowXCraft!
When you vote for ShadowXCraft, you are supporting the server, and possibly attracting new friends to ShadowXCraft!

When you vote you get 1 token. You can vote on each of those sites daily! When you vote a lot in a row, you get more than 1 token per vote!

Tokens are a type of money on the server. They can be spent in the "/tokens store" to buy stuff!

  1. PlanetMinecraft
  2. Minecraft-MP
  3. Minecraft-Index
  4. TopG
  5. ServerPact
  6. Minecraft-Server-List
Also please let your friends know about ShadowXCraft! However, do not advertise ShadowXCraft where you shouldn't!
Aug 2, 2015
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