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by lizardfreak321 at 8:55 AM
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Hello everyone,

We recently completed and released a new Report/Helpop system. This system allows staff to reply to players from the staff chat. This enables us to help at times when it would have been impossible before, because we are very busy and aren't always able to get on Minecraft.

/report <player> <reason> - Lets staff know that this person is misbehaving (Please record hackers with screen recorders even if you report them)
/helpop <message> - Messages staff about what you need help with
/slist - View online staff and what time it is where they are from
/ping [username] - Tells you the ping of the specified player.

Do not abuse this system and be specific with the report/message!

Thanks to @DJDan, who has worked on this since late December!
I (@lizardfreak321) also added some vital features since Dan has been very busy with his senior year of high school.

Suggestions? Leave them in the comments!
by tspringst33n at 1:37 AM
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Hi Everyone!

Prison 2 development has been continuing throughout these last few weeks. We have been making good progress in building. The custom coding of Prison 2 is a little behind due to Liz and I being busy with real life commitments.

A sneak peek of Prison 2 is below. Good luck on guessing what it is and what we are using it for.

As some of you may have noticed, we improved some common commands ingame. The /report and /helpop commands have been changed to notify us even when we are not on the server. This allows us to take care of reports and offer players help when we are offline. In addition to these commands we also have modified the /glist command and added a /stafflist command. These commands now show when we are afk and make it easier to find staff.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates.
by tspringst33n at 9:43 AM
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Hey everyone!

We have been hard at work with Prison2, Parkour and even Mineopoly development!

A lot have work has been put into prison. Some of the features include:
  • Advanced Bots
  • Improved and more unique mining
  • Completely unique builds built by the SxC Builders and Staff.
Many players have been asking us "When will prison be done". We don't have a definitive answer yet, but here's why. We had one idea for prison but after starting development that idea changed drastically. We have decided to almost completely custom code prison and put in a lot of unique and custom features. These custom coding elements can only be built by: @lizardfreak321, @Bahke, and myself; and we all have IRL commitments and other stuff that takes away our time from coding.

This sub-server has been mostly in @JackShadowPyrez, @Mad_251739, and @LifeAt11's hands in development. They...
by tspringst33n at 12:44 AM
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Hey everyone,
We are making some changes to the paid ranks and adding some new items. None of these ideas are in place yet, but we are wondering what the community thinks. Feel free to comment below comments and opinions.

  • All purchased ranks will require a code to redeem the rank. This code will be mailed to the buyer in addition to an object as a token of our appreciation for the support to the server. All of the tokens are being designed by the staff. When the code is received all the supporter needs to do is join the server and type "/redeem code" without quotes.
  • We are redesigning the rank names as well as re-doing the donor perks for each rank. Please comment below ideas for rank names. Keep it appropriate and related to the server please!
  • We are considering adding a section to the shop that will sell merchandise, such as T-Shirts and 3D printed parts related to...
by tspringst33n at 10:31 PM
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Hey everyone! I'm sure you have heard by now that Skyblock has been released! Skyblock is basically survival but you are on an island over the void. The objective is to survive the mobs and build the most amazing island you can. You can earn island levels by building more structures and adding more blocks to the island. Need something like redstone? Checkout the challenges at /challenges or /c. They contain different challenges to complete that will give you items.

Check out the server by doing /server skyblock.
Some commonly asked questions:
  • How do I get started?
    • All you have to do is /is and select an island type.
  • Is there a shop?
    • No. I did not add a shop to this server because it would take away from the survival aspect of the game.
    • The easiest way to get items is to checkout the challenges at /c or /challenges
  • What do I do if my lava turns to obsidian?
    • Click on the obsidian with a bucket...