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by lizardfreak321 at 10:42 PM
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Hello everyone,

For the past several weeks, those participating in the development have been working long hours to try to get this released. Unfortunately I have no choice but to delay the release.

For the most part it is just @X1X_ and I working on it. Others are helping, but for the most part everyone else is either busy with life or does not have interest in Factions. @KurtTheFruit started version 3.0, but his internet went out for several weeks, leaving him with little communication with us, and he has been busy with stuff in real life.

We are correctly working on the trailer, which will be nice and professional; we want to advertise to some new players so they can join you in the fun :) We aren't rushing this trailer.

Every step of the way we have found ways we can improve things, and each of them takes time. I have found ways to improve ItemTracker, my custom anti-duplication plugin. We are finding small things we can change to make the...
by lizardfreak321 at 5:12 PM
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Hello everyone!
This is the update you have all been waiting for!

KitPVP version 3.1 is now released! Join it at /server KitPVPRetro

KitPVP version 3.0's goal was to have something unique, future-proof the server, and to innovate. We did that but the one thing missing in that list is to make players feel comfortable. The ShadowXCraft community doesn't like change, and we innovated too much, including the use of 1.9, something most of you do not appear to enjoy using.
This update's goal was to shape KitPVP version 3.0 into something all of you would enjoy and be comfortable with, and I believe we have done that!

  • Revamped Arena 2 added for your enjoyment.
  • Redone lobbies.
  • Added few new arenas.
  • Full 1.7.2-1.8.9 client compatibility on a native 1.8.8 server!
  • Added warps, Compass navigator, and...
by DJDan at 5:25 PM
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Hey guys, you guys know that we have alot of projects ready, but they are long time projects, Merome suggested a parkor server, thats not a bad idea so I'm planning on creating it. It will add parkor and some other related parkor features like the old flappy bird (which can be converted to elytra run), xrun, and possibly other fun parkor ideas. Another new server idea is the skyblock server, it was shutdown because of the forums vote. Noone really joined. But now I'm planning on re adding it. It can be the same old skyblock server, or we can have different features for it. The other server idea is adding more minigames. Minigames brought me to the server, so why not add them back? We had TNT run and mob arena. Why not bring those back? Also how about the minigame maps that YouTubers play? It can be a server even so players won't get bored of them so easily.
And for our current server, what if we add 1v1 and 2v2 support like kitpvp3 has. Like factions, prison and survival.
Add other...
by lizardfreak321 at 4:44 PM
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Hello everyone,

As you may have found out, there were people who were duplicating items and distributing them in Factions. It has messed with the economy which has become a large issue.
I will code a fix for duplicating items, but I need to find out how they are duplicating them. If anyone can find a way to duplicate items, please start a conversation with me on this website so I can prevent it from working.

Once I finish the fix for it, should we reset Factions or should we load the backup from the 18th of this month? Please vote in the poll. Also what version of Minecraft should we use in Factions? Currently it is 1.10 but we can go back to 1.8 if you all want us to.

Thank you for your feedback!
by lizardfreak321 at 8:16 PM
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Hello everyone,

As many of you have noticed, 1.10 has been released. It is an interesting yet light update to Minecraft that doesn't add anything controversial. We will add 1.10 support once our multi-version plugin is at a stable state, since the 1.10 compatible version was released only 12 hours ago and therefore is likely to contain countless bugs that we do not want on a public server. If possible, we will eventually add universal 1.7 - 1.10 support.

As for the lack of players, they are caused by several things and it is impossible to find the initial source. Once a player drop happens from one event, it causes some people's friends to leave, making them leave. That is why small things have led to substantially lower player counts. Once all staff are done with school for the 2015-2016 school year, we will get to work on the much anticipated update for Prison, Prison 2.0.