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Frequently asked questions! leonine



1. Can I be staff?
Maybe! Click here for the page you apply on. Create a thread. Follow the template! Don't bug the staff about your application. That will make them not want you to be staff!

2. Can I be unbanned/unmuted?
Possibly, click here to try to appeal.

3. How can I ban a hacker?
Click here to show there was a hacker, with proof. A staff member will ban/mute for you.

4. How hard is it to make a server?
Very, if you want it to be successful. We do not recommend making a server.

5. Who is the owner?
lizardfreak321 is the only owner currently.

6. Is the server cracked or premium?
It is semi-premium, meaning both. We are slowly moving to premium.

7. When was the server made?
About November 3rd, 2013. There was no specific release date.

8. I'm a donor, may I have the donor tag on the website?
Yes! Just start a conversation with lizardfreak321. Provide your current in-game name.

9. The website is being annoying!
Okay. Make sure you are using a good browser. We recommend Google Chrome, so don't say the site isn't working right if you aren't using chrome.

10. Why can't log into the minecraft server!?

There are several possible causes:
  • Possible problem #1: You are banned. It will tell you that you are banned if you are banned. If you are banned look at FAQ number 2.
  • Possible problem #2: it says ".... Could not connect to default or fallback server". That means the hub is restarting, or the hub crashed. Restarts don't take long. If the hub crashed, the crash detector will likely restart it withing a few minutes. If it doesn't, a network administrator (Likely lizardfreak321, possibly tspringst33n if lizardfreak321 is offline) will restart it.
  • Possible problem #3: It says "Connection timed out: No further information:". That can mean several things.
  • It may mean you have no internet connection.
  • The server may be down. (If so, don't panic! The server will go back up! Once it is back up, nothing
  • will be different unless it is an update)
  • The server's DDoS protection may think you are an attacker (Blocking you in the process, message lizardfreak321 if you think this may be the case).
  • You may be connecting to the wrong domain. Please use shadowxcraft.net.

11. How can I help the server?
Playing on it, Voting, and donating.

12. What is the player record on ShadowXCraft?
Latest Record:
132 online simultaneously February 13th, 2016

Previous records:
124 online simultaneously November 2014

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