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ShadowXCraft Rules

ShadowXCraft Rules

ShadowXCraft Official Player Rules

ShadowXCraft may revise these rules at any time without notice. By joining the server you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these Rules.

Or in other words-- This document may change at any time! Check the rules often. You can still get banned if you broke a rule that got added 1 minute ago!

Last Revised: March 17th, 2018

When linking this page, Please use https://www.shadowxcraft.net/player-rules

The rules:



Global rules

  1. No cheating/hacking.

  2. No Cyber-Bullying or Trolling.

  3. Don't disrespect anyone for any reason.

  4. No advertising.

  5. Keep chat clean (No swears or inappropriate topics)

  6. Do not spam.

  7. Do not grief.

  8. Don't abuse/take advantage of exploits or glitches.

  9. No scamming (Excludes Factions).

  10. Don't use alternate accounts.

  11. Don't give false/misleading information.

  12. Don't share private information/ask for it.

  13. Don't start drama or arguments.

  14. Do not target or encourage targeting.

  15. Follow the teaming rules. (*See full rules below*)

  16. Skin limits/restrictions.

  17. Username limits/restrictions

  18. Don’t build inappropriate objects.

  19. Do not log in as other players!

  20. Do not ask for things you don’t have access to.

  21. Do not sell things for real life money.

  22. Staff request speaking ENGLISH in public/global chat.

  23. Any actions must be appropriate for people of all ages.

Factions-Specific Rules

Final Comments


Global Rules

  1. No cheating/hacking.

    1. No cheating in games or events such as UHC, Block Hunt, or Battle Dome by being in contact with friends and giving them game-changing information, or anything else that gives you or your friends an unfair advantage.

    2. Just using a hacked client but not any hacks is and will be considered hacking and will get you banned.

    3. Includes “No-Hit-Delay” mods.

      1. Regedit

      2. External programs

      3. Mods that compensate for bad ping.

      4. Mice that register more clicks.

      5. etc.
    4. Allowed mods:

      1. OptiFine

      2. Shaders Mod or "GLSL Shaders"

      3. TooManyItems

      4. Armorstatus

      5. DirectionHub

      6. Multi-Player profiles mod

      7. Camera Studio

      8. Animated Players Mod2

      9. TabbyChat

      10. PixelCam Mod

      11. 5zig

      12. Mods whose only purpose is to add ToggleSneak, ToggleSprint, or improve flight.

      13. Mods whose only purpose is to bring back 1.7 animations that do not give any advantage

      14. More may be added. If you are unsure, ask a staff member ON THE FORUMS. Do not ask ingame!

      15. Use of unauthorized mods will = a ban!

      16. Please note that LabyMod is not in this list and is therefore not allowed.

  1. No Cyber-Bullying.

    1. Includes trolling, sexual harassment, other types of harassment, discrimination of any kind, name calling, trash talking, threatening, death threats, and more.

      1. Trolling is the act of purposely doing something annoying in an attempt to upset someone or get an angry response from them. This includes and can fall under rules: 1, 3, 6, 7, 11,12, and 14.

      2. Death threats towards staff will get you muted or banned.
    2. Examples:

      1. NOOB!

      2. Dumbass!

      3. You suck!

      4. Any sexist names.

      5. Any false names.

      6. Idiot

      7. Targeter

      8. Hacker (Unless they truly absolutely hack, AND you have video proof)

      9. Kys (kill yourself)

      10. I’m gonna murder you!
    3. Upper staff (Admin +) are allowed to vote and determine if action needs to be taken when the rule break occurs on another service not moderated by ShadowXCraft. Includes but not limited to: Skype, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

  1. Don't disrespect anyone for any reason.

    1. This includes staff and players.

    2. This includes purposely annoying them.

    3. Respect the staff’s decisions.

    4. Calling it a joke doesn’t make it ok!

  1. No advertising.

    1. This includes noting any services not owned by ShadowXCraft, this includes Skype, E-Mail, YouTube, YouTube Channels that may advertise other servers, or any servers.

    2. Even if another player tells you that you can advertise, they are wrong and you will still be punished

    3. Punishments will be given

  1. Keep chat clean. (No swears or inappropriate topics)

    1. No swearing/profanity!

      1. The swear filter is there for a reason! Trying to bypass it WILL get you muted without warning!

      2. The chat filter will auto mute you. These mutes cannot be appealed unless you can prove that you did not say what got you muted. -Up to staff discretion.
    2. Keep chat appropriate. We define “inappropriate” as anything pertaining to private body parts or sexual acts, anything violent or particularly degrading, or anything to do with bodily waste (when talked about in a crude or rude joking manner) or reproductive function. This includes, but is not limited to:

      1. "Deez Nutz"

      2. "I gotz booty"

      3. "booty booty booty booty booty"

      4. "I love booty"

      5. "I am a booty"

      6. Netflix and Chill jokes
    3. Language relating to religion is not allowed due to the fact that not all people have the same religious views. -Up to staff discretion.

    4. Language relating to racial superiority or inferiority is not allowed.

    5. Includes regular chat, /msg, item names, books, and signs.

    6. Includes language used to make someone think of something not allowed in this section.

      1. Examples:

        • Cussy

        • Cuck

        • Chit

        • Duck you!

  1. Do not spam

    1. Includes saying things more than once..

    2. Includes regular chat and /msg

    3. Includes excessive caps.

    4. Examples:

      1. Notch!



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  3. H I T H I S I S W H A T N O T T O D O


  1. No griefing

    1. General explanation of griefing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Griefer#Methods

    2. If you have been griefed, DO NOT FIX IT! Report it to the forums immediately for investigation!

    3. This applies to all servers EXCLUDING FACTIONS.

  1. Don't abuse/take advantage of exploits or glitches.

    1. This means, if something happens in the game that allows you to benefit, that should not happen, you need to report it and not use it.

    2. Results in a permanent ban.

    3. Example:

      1. Buying a stack of coal for 20 dollars, then selling it for 50.

      2. A wall glitch that gets you through a wall.

      3. A glitch that duplicates items.

      4. Getting access to things that you shouldn't.

  1. No scamming

    1. This applies to all servers EXCLUDING FACTIONS.

    2. Do not get people stuck in all servers INCLUDING FACTIONS.

    3. Scamming is the act of lying or stealing from others to get a personal advantage.

  1. Don't use alternate accounts.

    1. This means you are not allowed to use more than one account on the server for any reason.

  1. Don't give false/misleading information.

    1. Or in other words: Don’t lie.

    2. Includes false claims.

    3. Examples: (You can be banned for i and ii)

      1. Hi, I'm from Planet Minecraft! Give me OP now or I will leave a bad server review. (Why do players even try this… we are already on Planet Minecraft.)

      2. I’m the owner, an admin, mod, developer, helper, etc.

      3. Do alt + f4 for diamonds!

  1. Don't share, ask for, or talk about private information.

    1. Yes, this includes skype.

    2. You can ask a staff member for permission.

    3. Do not give away IP's or personal information about a player

    4. Includes addresses, phone numbers, email, facebook, twitter, kik, etc.

    5. Includes depression or personal mental disorders.

    6. This is also at staff discretion. If they believe it's personal information you can get a warning, but feel free to ask the staff why.

  1. Don't start drama or arguments.

    1. Do not continue to talk about a controversial topic after someone has requested that you stop.

    2. Do not continue arguing if a staff member has directed you to stop.

    3. Do not say something that has the potential to cause drama or start an argument.

  1. Do not target or encourage targeting. (Targeting being when a player goes out of his or her way to get to you and continuously kills you)

    1. Targeting is defined as repetitively going after the same user and or following a user for prolonged periods of time.

  1. Teaming

    1. Not Allowed:

      1. Teaming is not allowed in KitPvP FFA.
    2. Allowed:

      1. HG: Teams are limited to 2 players.

      2. KitPvP Battles: 2v2 or Party Battles.
    3. Teaming is the act of: Trucing, Allying, or related. This means 2 or more players agreeing to not kill each other.

    4. Breaking these rules can get you banned from that server (HG, KitPvP, etc.)

    5. Any PvP related server on SxC that was not specified here falls under Not Allowed.

  1. Skin limits/restrictions.

    1. You cannot use skins that relate to the below:

      1. Nude skins

      2. Stripper like skins

      3. Mostly nude but covering private parts skins

      4. Lingerie skins

      5. Break rule 5

  1. Username limits/restrictions

    1. Staff names.(Or anything similar.)
Ex: Real Username False Username

JennyBeary. JennyBerry.

Drellibus Drellibuz

lizardfreak321. Lizardfreak123.

  1. Current usernames.

  2. Banned usernames.

  3. Racist usernames.

  4. Words banned in rule 5

  1. Don’t build inappropriate objects.

    1. We define this as anything pertaining to private body parts or sexual acts, anything violent or particularly degrading, or anything to do with bodily waste function.

  1. Do not log in as other players!

    1. Includes breaching someone else’s data.

    2. Includes changing your name to the name of a person who previously joined the server.

  1. Do not ask for things you don’t have access to.

    1. This includes

      1. Money

      2. Ranks

        • Staff ranks

        • Donor ranks
      3. Any permissions or OP

      4. Items

  1. Do not sell things for real life money.

    1. Includes PayPal or any other money system online.

  2. Staff request speaking ENGLISH in public/global chat.

    1. This is so staff can understand what is going on as well as be able to help as much as they can.

    2. Other languages may be spoken in /msg as long as all other rules are followed.

  1. Any actions must be appropriate for people of all ages.

    1. Must not be related to reproduction.

    2. Must not contain excessive violence.

    3. Includes role-play.

Factions-Specific Rules

  1. In-game scamming, griefing, and raiding is allowed.

    1. Factions is not a friendly server. If you do not want to be scammed, raided, or griefed, do not play Factions and instead play Survival.
  2. TP (Teleport) killing is allowed!

    1. This means someone can accept a teleport request and kill the person.
  3. Betrayals are allowed!

    1. Keep this in mind when trusting someone!

Final Comments

We are constantly monitoring Private Messages, a quick scan just to make sure everything is appropriate, we don't read the life story you are telling your bestie. ANYWAYS, point is, make sure that ANY and ALL Private Messages are in accordance to the normal Global Chat rules. Failure to do so WILL get you either

A. Banned (Time depends on circumstance)

B. Private Message muted (For life)

I. May be both Private and Global depending on the circumstance(s).

As staff members, we work very hard to give you guys the best we can give, of course this includes very hard work. And it really makes us feel as if our work is for nothing when someone takes it for granted. So please do not accuse a staff member of anything, example: tspringst33n has been accused of abusing many times before, but he is one of the most responsible staff members out there. Every single time that he is accused of abusing, he is actually just fixing something, removing something for the benefit of the server. So please do not make assumptions about the staff, their decisions, etc.

Clarification about Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech is a rule adopted by several governments that allows its citizens to publicly state their opinion of the government. The rule is more formally stated as “The right to communicate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship.”

It is a common misconception that it means that you have the freedom to say anything you want, that is not the case. Due to the fact that ShadowXCraft is private property, this rule does not apply.

If you think staff are abusing, fill out this report: https://www.shadowxcraft.net/forms/report-an-abusive-staff.14/respond with VIDEO proof.

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