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Map Guidelines

Discussion in 'Maps' started by BlasterBlade, Aug 17, 2015.

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  1. BlasterBlade

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    Jul 28, 2015
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    6:15 PM
    Here are the guidelines to submit the map you made for either kitpvp or SG(survival games). We will later add more gamemodes for which you can make maps for! If you do not follow the template or the guidelines you can either change your map/post or it will be denied. If you copy others work your map will be denied!

    Survival Games

    • Map size:
    1. 1v1 player maps must be a minimum of 50 blocks radius.(try not to make the map to big!)
    2. 2. 24 player maps must be the minimum of 200 blocks radius.
    • A Deathmatch arena.(Not necessery)
    1. The spawn points must be fair!
    2. Must have 4 clear spawn areas for the players.
    • Chests
    1. Normal chests for tier 1 Enderchests for tier 2's
    2. More then 1/2 of the chests cannot be tier 2s
    3. Most of the main chests at spawn must be tier 2s
    4. It must be hard for players to get tier 2s, or be hidden(not to difficult)
    5. If you do not add the chests or it is not appropriately tiered it will lower the chance of being accepted.
    • The map most not be possible to escape
    • Hidden rooms
    1. It would be best if you do not add them if you do:
    2. Only the lead builder must know of these rooms
    3. And not too difficult to find
    • Items in dispensers,chests, furnaces.
    1. It would be suggested you do not add them if you do it must have a trail or be difficult to find and not to overpowered or will be removed. but useless Easter eggs are allowed
    Kitpvp map
    • Map size minimum of a 100 block radius
    • Be as creative as you want!
    • Try to have a main theme for the map!
    Template!(if you do not follow this it will lower the chance of being accepted)

    Is the map for SG or Kitpvp?
    Name of the map:
    Lead Builder/Build team name:
    People who helped:
    Video/Images of your map:
    Theme and Description of your map:
    Coordinates for build(coordinates also for the spawn deathmatch if sg map):
    You must accept that when your build is accepted that: The server would also own the map, that staff would be allowed to edit the map to make gameplay better or adjust certain points of the map. Before letting another server use that map you must also ask us. That the map could be removed at anytime from the server.(YOU MUST ACCEPT THIS OR YOUR MAP WILL BE DENIED)

    We will message you for the map download if we accept!

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