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Things You Should Know When Appealing

Discussion in 'Help!' started by xMineral_TM, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. xMineral_TM

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    Aug 13, 2015
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    11:19 PM
    Alright, the "things you should know" is officially a series now, isn't that exciting? No, it's not, let's get straight to it.
    Appealing is something not everyone is good at, and when it comes to convincing staff to give you another chance on their server, they mess everything up, in some cases, making staff EXTEND your ban time!
    I'll be sharing some tips on how to successfully appeal and make yourself look professional while doing it, I don't appeal much, because I pretty much quit Minecraft, but I do know somethings, and have observed players who demonstrated unusual, violent, and dumb behavior.

    1. Don't rush things: Even if being away from the server you enjoy playing on is painful, cool down a bit, wait for a couple of months or so before you decide to appeal, meanwhile, play on another server, or another game, there's a lot of both of them.
    2. Don't be aggressive: If you treat staff like you actually mean to hurt them, who's gonna listen to you? Be calm, because you're addressing staff that might either accept or refuse your appeal.
    3. Grammar: It helps, yes, because you're not gonna want them to discuss your appeal for hours just to know what you're trying to say, your appeal needs to be smooth and easy on the eyes, avoid using colors, they don't add anything to your appeal.
    4. Be patient: It may take a while before staff reply to your appeal, but that doesn't mean you are being ignored, appeals are carefully reviewed by the staff.
    5. Don't spam: One appeal is enough.
    6. Don't be an idiot when appealing: False information, pointless spamming, and uncalled for swearing is not recommended.
    7. Be insightful and honest: Lying won't get you anywhere, you'll just get an even harsher punishment the next time you decide to do something, try to enrich your appeal with information and try to keep it as neat as possible.
    8. Learn from your mistakes: Go back to whatever you did, it can be on this server, or any server, and try to be a better person.
    9. Don't be that one guy: That complains about this punishment, it's not gonna help you

    With these 9 tips, I wish anyone who's appealing good luck, it's okay if you make mistakes every now and then, but it's great to learn from them. "To err is human"
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