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  2. Scheduled Network Downtime

    Affected Services: Minecraft servers, with occasional website downtime
    Estimated Duration/Downtime: A few days.
    Update Objectives: Operating System and Hardware Migration

    ~ ShadowXCraft Staff. ~

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Global Help

Global Help

The Server's IP and Website Url is ShadowXCraft.net

The commands that you can do globally are:

To see the list of the server you're currently in: /list
To see the global list: /glist

To message someone: /msg <name> <Message>
To reply back the fast way: /r <message>
For a shorter version of /msg: /t <name> <message>

To toggle your messages: /msg toggle
Ignore a Player: /ignore <player>
Report a Player: /report <player>
Ask for help: /helpop <reason>

To know what server you're in: /server
To go to a server: /server <name of server>
To find your friend: /find <player>

To find your ping: /ping
To find the ping of someone else: /ping <name>
The lower the ping, the better.
400ms is playable.
150ms is the recommended for PvP.

If your ping is bad, please use a wired connection instead of wireless. Make sure you have good internet for good ping.

Token Commands:

To see the top votes: /votes top
To see last months votes: /votes top lastmonth
To see the token store: /tokens store
To see your number of tokens: /tokens balance
To see someone else's amount of tokens: /tokens balance <name>
Display help page: /tokens help

The Documentations For the rest of the Servers are listed here:
Global, Hub, Factions, KitPvP, Prison, HungerGames, Creative, Survival, MiniGames, TurfWars, UHC, and Bridges.
All documents were made from @DJDan

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